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Gel'O Cool Mat - Large (24 x 59" Full-length Single or Half-length Queen Mat)


  • Large-sized: 23.6 x 59"; ideal for queen or king beds
  • Uses safe medical-grade material that will not leak when accidentally cut open
  • Soft and conforms to the body
  • Hand washable
  • Foldable for easy storage




Save up & cool down 
Sleeping in the heat is no easy feat. EIther you're tossing and turning throughout the night ot you're racking up a hefty electricity bill with the air conditioning on high all night. With the Gel'O Cool Pillow Mat, a good night's rest will no longer be at such a great expense of our planet or your bank account.

As the torso has the greatest contact with the bed, the area beneath can trap the most heat and leave you waking up hot and sweaty. This large-sized Gel'O Cool Mat can span horizontally across a queen/king size bed so that both you and your partner can lie in cooling comfort where you need it most. Alternatively, the Gel'O Cool Mat can be spread out lengthwise for full body coolness.


How it works 
Staying comfortable in bed isn't about lying on an icy cold mat, but staying cool. Gel'O Cool Mat disperses heat away from your body, keeping you at a comfortable temperature. Unlike traditional mattresses it does not retain heat in one spot, but redistributes and dissipates the heat.

Please note: Having the Gel’O completely covered by either the body or blanket for too long will minimize its effectiveness; some movement during one’s sleep cycle should prevent this from happening. For adults with bigger builds, it is recommended that the mat be placed in the horizontal half-queen position.



  • The effectiveness of heat dissipation may be dependent on the duration of use and the amount of surface area covered. 
  • User experiences will vary depending on temperature preference, body build, ambient temperature, etc.
  • Use with caution and adult supervision for young children. Make sure the mat is removed on cooler days to prevent problems that may arise from over-cooling.
  • This mat is designed for lying on. Sitting on the Gel'O Cool Mat will cause the gel inside to permanently shift, especially when used on a hard surface.


Usage Tips:

To help make the coolness last longer, you can try the following:

  • Put the mat in the fridge or freezer for a few hours before using it. (Please note that the mat may harden if left in the freezer for too long.)
  • Place something over the mat instead of lying directly on it. This will help the coolness to disperse gradually and prolong the time in which the the mat picks up heat from your head or body.



The Gel'O Cool Mat is covered by a one-year warranty, from the day of purchase. Full or partial replacements are available for any defective product still under warranty (excluding that of which resulting from misuse or other unforeseeable external circumstances); full or partial refunds may be available conditionally. Cost of return shipping past the first month of purchase is not reimbursable. For more information, please refer to the FAQ page.

Gel'O Cool Mat - Large (24 x 59" Full-length Single or Half-length Queen Mat)



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