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EnergyFlux G3 Series 5200mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer / External Battery Pack

HUMAN CREATIONS™ EnergyFlux G3 Rechargeable Hand Warmer - Warm Up with Next Generation Reliability and Usability



❤ ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - Portable hand warmer to fit your hands, making it
comfortable and easier to grab out of your bag or pocket in the cold! There’s snow place like
home! Cosy up and get those hands warm in just a few seconds with EnergyFlux G3.

❤ POWER BANK USB HEATER - Throw out your old power banks and get yourself a multi-
purpose hand warmer power bank! Have a backup power source for your iPhone or Android
smartphone and tablet on the go! It fully charges in 4 hours ready for you to use again. Great for
outdoor adventures like skiing, hiking, camping or even just walking outside in the freezing cold-
Making it a must have accessory in the cold weather!

❤ IT’S GIFT GIVING SEASON! Let us warm your loved one’s heart! The stylish case with
subtle colour accents radiates quality and makes the hand warmer with external battery an ideal
gift. Leave the gift giving to us and worry less during Christmas, Valentines day or any other
special occasions. Our modern convenient hand warmers will keep you and your loved ones
warm this cold season!

❤ SUPER EASY TO USE - 2-Setting switch to warm hands! You get to control the temperature
with just one simple switch. Simply select between two different heat settings 107°F (low) and
117°F (high). Never use disposable hand warmers again! Keep warm with our EnergyFlux G3
and support a more sustainable way of hand warmers in the long run.

❤ 1-YEAR GUARANTEE - Bring me home! Here at HUMAN CREATIONS™, our promise is to make
high quality products that solely fits for your needs. We aim to provide our customers with smart

and effective solutions for modern problems. Committing to a high standard of customer care
before and after your purchase! Purchase today with no risk with our 1-year product guarantee!



The better way to warm your hands

The EnergyFlux G3 warms hands quickly, easily and safely. It's the perfect shape and size to fit in your hand or slip into a pocket. Quickly warm up with two heat settings.


The EnergyFlux G3 is the third generation of EnergyFlux hand warmers from HUMAN CREATIONS™ and combines years of experience creating rechargeable hand warmers. We can say without hesitation that this is their best hand warmer yet! There's no better companion on a cold day or whenever you're feeling chilly.


Say No More to Cold Hands!

Cold hands are no fun and can be painful. Whether it's office A/C, fall and winter outdoor activities or chronic cold hands, the EnergyFlux G3 will be there to drive the cold away.


With a simple flick of a switch, the EnergyFlux G3 quickly starts warming up to either 42°C (low) and 47°C (high). It's that easy!


Waste less


The EnergyFlux G3 is rechargeable, so it’s ready to go again after a few hours of charging. No more throwing out hand warmer pouches that just end up as landfill. No more fussing with lighter fluid and trying to light catalytic warmers with cold fingers.



- Modern lithium batteries should be charged often, avoiding both full discharges and full charges. A good rule for the EnergyFlux G3 is, charge it the same number of hours you use it.

- Charge it with your phone or tablet charger (ex. iPhone, iPad or Android charger). It charges best with the included cable.

- Charge it 1-2 hours every month when you are not using it. Long periods without charging may cause it to fail.

- Operating time will vary depending on surrounding temperature.



- Warming temp.: 42°C (Low) / 47°C (High)

- Battery life at 10°C: 4 hrs (Low) / 3 hrs (High)

- Dimensions: 10.4 cm x 5.3 cm x 2.5 cm

EnergyFlux G3 Series 5200mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer / External Battery Pack




    Note: HUMAN CREATIONS™ products are sold exclusively by True To Source. Items sold by other sellers are not genuine HUMAN CREATIONS™ products.

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