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About Us

Who we are

With our customers in mind, HUMAN CREATIONS™ is constantly looking to add new products that are functional and of good value. At heart, we are humanitarians. Supporting humanitarian efforts without boundary and helping to build true peace on Earth are the true goals of our social enterprise.

What we do

HUMAN CREATIONS™ selects and promotes consumer electronics, household items, sports & fitness equipment, school & office supplies, and more. We work to help less fortunate people in our world through charity, socioeconomic activism, and innovations in our operational model.

What we don't do

We do not promote animal products, hunting & fishing equipment, products designed to aid consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or animal products. We do not promote products to which our conscience says no.


Our Packaging

Protecting the world we all live in is what we believe in. To help reduce our impact on Mother Earth, HUMAN CREATIONS™ strives to use the most eco-friendly packaging for all our products. Depending on what our suppliers already have on hand, we aim to choose the most environmentally friendly form of packaging available without compromising on the quality of our products. 

Admittedly, for some of our products, you will find that the packaging has been done the conventional way. That was a mistake we made and cannot take back. As it would be more damaging to repackage these products, for a few of our products, we will continue to use the old packaging designs until our stock is used up.

Let us all make a change for the better and work to love our Earth the way it deserves to be loved!


Brand Ownership

HUMAN CREATIONS™ is a brand of KindMinds Innovations Inc. while TrueToSource (Beanworthy, LLC) is the sole distributor of HUMAN CREATIONS™ products.

TrueToSource (Beanworthy, LLC) is the only authorized reseller of HUMAN CREATIONS™ products on all Amazon sites and eBay. HUMAN CREATIONS™ products are also available from select online and brick & mortar retailers. Amazon/eBay sellers other than TrueToSource (Beanworthy, LLC) are only permitted to sell products as second hand / used. If you find other sellers advertising their products as HUMAN CREATIONS™ products on Amazon/eBay, please contact us. HUMAN CREATIONS™ products sold by unauthorized parties may not be eligible for warranty/customer service.


Customer Service:

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